Ongoing Circus Lessons in Nanaimo

KarinaJugglingFairviewVesta is excited to be offering ongoing  ground based circus lessons for children over 8 starting this fall.

 Join professional circus troupe Vesta Entertainment for a romp through ground-based circus training! Over this 5 week session we will be exploring a wide variety of prop manipulation techniques and circus games. Poi, staff, hoop, juggling, and magic-wand.Children come away from Vesta’s classes feeling empowered and proud of themselves. Come Play With Us!

Register via Parks and Rec! All lessons start at 5:15 pm.
REGISTER NOW as they often FILL UP due to be held in the schools.

Sept 21-0ct 19th 2016  BAYVIEW SCHOOL Reg# 149120
Oct 26- Nov 23rd 2016 PLEASANT VALLEY SCHOOL Reg# 149121
Jan 19- Feb 16th 2017 GEORGIA AVE SCHOOL Reg# 149122