2016 Circus Summer Camps in Nanaimo!

Run away and join the circus and still be home for dinner! These camp are perfect for the performer in your family. Children will learn to juggle, spin poi and staff, and hoop it up. We’ll also  learn some basic acrobatics. All supplies included.

FULL!! July 4-8th 2016 9:30-12:00 Morning Circus Kids, Fairview school, Nanaimo. Contact Linda Manarin to register/inquire 2507533418 lmanarin AT sd68. bc. ca

STILL SPACE! July 25-29th 2016 1-4pm- 1/2 day Circus Fun Summer Camp, 8 to 12 Years, $150. Nanaimo Parks and Rec. Registration# 145545 Beban Social Center

STILL SPACE! Aug 2-5 2016 1-4pm- 1/2 day Circus Fun Summer Camp, 8 to 12 Years $120. Nanaimo Parks and Rec. Registration# 143019 Beban Social Center

FULL!!! Aug 15-19th 2016 9:30-12:00 Morning Circus Kids, Fairview school, Nanaimo Contact Linda Manarin to register/inquire 2507533418 lmanarin AT sd68. bc. ca


Ongoing Circus lessons in Nanaimo


Circus Summer Camp 2015 at Beban Park, Nanaimo

We had a WONDERFUL time teaching the SOLD OUT Vesta Circus Summer Camp 2015! We would LOVE for kids to join us in our new ONGOING Circus lessons Thursdays, 3:45- 4:45, starting September 24th, at Beban. We have only 10 spaces, and will fill up quickly! Registration is open Aug 26th through Parks and Rec. We will be covering all props in depth, as well as STILTING and choreography. Students may be invited to join us performing at local festivals such as Canada Day and Bathtub! COME PLAY WITH US!


Circus Summer Camp in Nanaimo!

Run away and join the circus and still be home for dinner! This camp is perfect for the performer in your family. Children will learn to juggle, spin poi and staff, and hoop it up. We’ll also create costumes and learn some basic acrobatics. All supplies included.

Aug 4-7 2016 1-4pm- 1/2 day Circus Fun Summer Camp, 8 to 12 Years. Nanaimo Parks and Rec. Registration# 138186 Beban Social Centre


We are beginning ongoing circus lessons on Sundays in September! Sign up for our newsletter for registration details as soon as we’ve got ’em!

Vesta in the Schools!

We had an amazing time as ‘Artist in Residence’ at Coal Tyee Elementary school this fall! We facilitated grade 2, 3 and 4 kids for 10 weeks, teaching poi and hoop skills. The children worked hard to choreograph and produce a finale circus show for the whole school, parents and teachers. It was an incredible experience for everyone- we are so proud of all the kid’s hard work and dedication.  We LOVE using circus to foster perseverance, teamwork, and self esteem!

And the BEST news is that Vesta is able to be funded to come into YOUR school too! Check out the BC Arts Council funds ArtStarts Artist in the Classroom grant program. We partner with teachers to collaboratively develop a program to integrate circus arts into curricula. We serve Vancouver Island and the outlying islands- lower mainland as well!

Contact us – we’d love to talk to parents, PAC members and Teachers about how to easily bring the joy to your school!!

PlayPoi and Vesta Entertainment, Together Again! Lasqueti Island Poi Retreat June 5-12 and 12-19


At the stunning Leviathan Studios, Lasqueti Island, BC | June 5-12 and 12-19

Join Nick Woolsey of PlayPoi and special guests on a beautiful rainforest BC island!

Confirmed special guests already include Alien Jon, Cassaundra Smyth, Summer Huntington and especially for Week 1 only, BOTH Karina Strong and Kat Irvine from Vesta Entertainment!!! 🙂

Daily activities will include but not be limited to:

  • Acro-yoga and other movement awesomeness!
  • Diving into advanced concepts of poi: dance, rhythm, choreography, and lots of moves!
  • Enjoying the BIG SAUNA and pond
  • Being blown away by the beauty of Lasqueti Island
  • Eating yummy organic food
  • Running around in the rain forest
  • Optional climbing of mountains and spinning fire on top of them
  • Karina’s “So You Wanna Go Pro?” workshop about… going pro! (Week 1 only)
  • Kat’s “Vulcan Tech” workshop (Week 1 only)
  • Co-produced talent show!

Why? Watch the video to know why!

More details and registration at PlayPoi.com

Come Play With Us!!


Circus Lessons in Nanaimo!

Vesta Entertainment is SO excited to be able to offer ongoing circus lessons in Nanaimo for both children AND adults!! Circus makes you smarter, more creative and innovative by fostering right/left brain integration and promoting coordination. Not to mention its an amazing workout!

Who: Kids 8-12 years old, 10 – 11 AM. SUNDAYS

Teen/Adults- 11-12:30 pm SUNDAYS 15$ registered, 20$ drop in.

Where: Nanaimo Gymnastics School, 1975 Bollinger Road, Nanaimo BC.

What: Prop manipulation and Circus skills! Don’t be a one trick pony- come learn how to spin ALL the things- poi, staff, hoop dance, rope dart, juggle, contact juggle, stilting, unicycling, and more! Stage presence, character work, movement and choreography will also be explored. Circus is a non-competitive, creative sport that provides the basics of rhythmic gymnastics prop work.

Our children’s class is an ongoing registered program, and we are currently accepting drop ins for our adult/teen lessons from 11-12:30 every Sunday. Come brush up on your technique, or try out a new prop! If you are interested in performing, we often recruit new troupe members from our students. Come Play With Us!

Register Now!

Circus in Nanaimo- Summer Camps and Pro D Day Workshops 2014!

Vesta is a family run business, and we understand the challenges of today’s active family. All courses run at Vesta’s Play Space in Lantzville can be flexible on start and finish times to accommodate parent’s work schedules. Contact us to arrange before or after camp care! We also offer sliding scale/early bird registration options- please register with what is most in harmony with your individual family circumstances. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to our list to keep informed of all the upcoming excitement!

May 5th and 6th 2014 are SD68 Pro-D days- The Play Space- Send your little monkeys (8-13) to CIRCUS CAMP for the Pro D days! FUN, ACTIVE and FABULOUS!

July 28-Aug1- Vesta is partnering with Nanaimo Gymnastics School to run a full day Gymnast Circus camp! More information here:  http://www.nanaimogymnastics.ca/

Aug 5-8 1-4pm- 1/2 day Circus Fun Summer Camp, 8 to 12 Years. Nanaimo Parks and Rec. Registration# 129653 Beban Social Centre


Aug 18-22- Full Day Circus Camp at The Play Space! 8 – 13 years Prop manipulation, plus Slackline and Stilting! 250$ http://vestafulldaycircuscamp.eventbrite.ca

Aug 25-Aug 29- Half day Circus intensive at The Play Space! Teens and Adults!  Prop manipulation, plus Slackline and Stilting! Option to try fire spinning on the last day. $150.00 http://teenhalfdaycircuscamp.eventbrite.ca

We are beginning ongoing circus lessons on Sundays (for kids AND adults) in September at Nanaimo Gymnastics School!




Circus Makes You Smarter!

Stilter getting a high five


Studies show that learning circus flow arts (such as poi, staff, juggling, and hoopdance) builds brain matter. It also has numerous psychological benefits such as stress management and alleviating depression.

Oxford University has shown that juggling increases brain matter in the areas responsible for processing and storing information, how we perceive objects, and how we anticipate motion.

Circus arts are beneficial for hand-eye co-ordination, sense of rhythm, reflexes, and also our sense of balance and body posture.

Research conducted by Carole Smith, an American PE specialist, suggests that circus classes help to develop writing and reading skills in children. Many teachers worldwide are encouraging children to get involved in juggling, acrobatic stunts, clowning, and circus dance such as poi and staff. Educators state children gain awareness of their body, master complex sequences of movements and train concentration, resulting in improved academics.

But it’s not just the physiological benefits of circus, it’s the emotional ones as well. “Circus arts are a form of moving meditation” says Karina Strong, Troupe Co-ordinator of Nanaimo’s Vesta Entertainment. “They are effective tools to clear the mind and let go of the stress of the world. It’s also a lot of fun- Come play with us!”

Dr. Carl Simonton, a psycho-oncologist in California, teaches circus arts to his cancer patients. “Laughter and play break up hopelessness,” Simonton declares. Developing circus skills can bring the emotional and physiological aspects of healing and recovery into balance.

Vesta Entertainment is Vancouver Island’s professional circus and Stilt troupe, performing at most major VI festivals. They offer Circus spring break and summer camps, and next year will be hosting Pro D days for children. They are available for fun and active birthday parties. They also perform fire dancing and LED light shows for private parties and weddings. For more information, contact http://www.VestaEntertainment.ca