Party Hosts

Planning a fancy masquerade, Mardi-Gras, a pirate party, or other themed ticketed event? We do more than stage shows! Vesta will work with you at the event to ensure success for the participants.

What’s the advantage to having professional party support on the floor? We are active contributors and co-creators of a guest’s experience, impressing your clients who are just waiting to be entertained/amused.  We attend as spectacularly costumed roving entertainment and active supporters- we actively engage the party guests in conversation and laughter- break down communication barriers, introduce people, dance with them, and be all around entertaining ‘life of the party’. We ‘bring the party’ and keep the guests happy.  When timing is right, we also bring out our arsenal of magical props, mystifying guests with contact juggling, flowwand, poi, fans, and so much more! If you’ve got dancing arranged, we can bring out our arsenal of spectacular LED props to create ambiance and contribute to the party atmosphere.

If it’s not a private function, Vesta can also promote and support your marketing efforts, inviting our fan base through social media and online presence. In the past, many have bought tickets to events simply BECAUSE we are there. We love to work together to create a more vibrant arts and culture scene in the central island- invite Vesta to your next event and delight your party guests!

“THANK YOU so very much for all of the incredible – and personal entertainment at the masquerade ball last night!! Loved the patience of ALL of your performers – they were so personable & each & every one stopped to show off what they could do. Sitting in the lobby I think I had everything demonstrated. Was so AMAZING!! You guys all ROCK!! Thanks again – Can’t wait for your next event. ♥ ♥” – Stephanie Scott, party guest

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