Stilt Walkers

Vesta delights in providing stilting and interactive ground based characters at festivals and events.

We also can create giant bubble magic- a great way to engage festival attendees of all ages!

Rates begin at $350.00 per performer, plus transportation and accommodation if outside the central island area. Check out our festival combo specials as well!

What to wear?

We have a wide variety of spectacular characters to choose from, to enhance any festival experience! Scroll to see our costume themes, and talk to us about what you’re planning. We probably have the Perfect Outfit, or can create something just for you!

Canada Day Cowgirls


Mardi Gras or Masquerade theme Stilters:

Pirates and Mermaid themed Stilters bring swashbuckling fun to boat festivals and nautical themed parties and festivals!

Fire Spirit costumes light up your event without striking a spark!

Christmas Angels, Ice queen, and New Year’s Eve stilt costumes cool things down with stately grace:

Big Top Circus Carnival costumes are always at the center ring!

Our mythical stilt creatures (Medusa, satyr/faun, unicorn, dragon, raven, mermaid, trickster, fire spirit, tree spirit/dryad, Anubis) create an mysterious and magical theme:

Want to make a huge impact? Our group red or white checkered costumes create a spectacle whenever they appear! Up to TEN stilters in matched costumes- for stunning effect!

Halloween themed stilt costumes- for a towering fright!

 Festival Video:

Here’s a demonstration of “The Banshee” halloween stilt costume!

SteamPunk Stilt Costumes for the Proper Parties!

Disco Divas bring the Funk!

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